Life Spark

New Member Benefit Provides Free Senior Care Navigation

What happens when you or one of your family members face a health crisis? Where do you turn? How do you learn about the choices available to you? How can you use your funds and resources most effectively? Or more importantly, how can you protect your loved one’s health before a crisis hits to better protect their wellbeing, and help them live a sparked life?


Now EFS Advisors has partnered with Lifesprk to bring you a new free service to help – Senior Care Navigation. This service is provided by Lifesprk, the leading provider of Life Experience Services (an innovative blend of geriatric care management and home care) in the Twin Cities. They bring more than 10 years of expertise, backed by a leadership team with more than 230 years of experience in home and senior care.


What is Senior Care Navigation?

Lifesprk’s Senior Care Navigation program is an easy-to-use 24/7 personal concierge service for you and your family for all your senior care needs and issues. You can access a broad range of proactive support and planning as well as navigation, connection to reliable resources, and advocacy all from a single phone call.


When should you consider using Senior Care Navigation services?

Lifesprk can help with a wide variety of situations you face, ranging from times your loved ones are doing great and want to proactively plan to avoid health crises to those when they are in the midst of a health care crisis. This service gives you and your family free navigation support and then, depending on your individual situation, additional reliable services as needed and appropriate. The free service is available to you and your family throughout Minnesota and wherever they call home.


When a health crisis occurs: In the midst of a health care crisis, Senior Care Navigation can be an invaluable resource that can help you remain in control of your health and wellbeing while helping to ease the burden and stress of family caregiving. This navigation program offers access to a full spectrum of support including Life Care Management , home care and housing search services that can be tailored to individualized needs. And unlike so many other options, they focus on reducing the amount of care you need while sparking lives through their innovative Lifesprk ExperienceTM approach.


Before a health crisis: The value of Senior Care Navigation can actually begin even before a crisis occurs. EFS Advisors understand that protecting your health actually helps you protect your wealth, your choices, and most importantly your control and independence. And Lifesprk can help you do that. They can provide ongoing education and support related to senior care and living well in the second half of life. Check out the free Navigation Kit that gives you step-by-step tools for taking control of your own or a loved one’s wellbeing.


How can you clients access it?

Simply call the Senior Care Navigation dedicated toll free phone number 855-345-3317 or visit www.lifesprk.com/efs.


*Lifesprk is not an EFS Advisors company